About the Catalogue

Welcome to the National Library of Ireland's online catalogue.
This discovery interface allows you to search many of the Library's catalogued collections, including our
digitised material, simultaneously. You can search our:
  • Printed collections including journals, magazines, and government publications
  • Manuscripts catalogued since 1990 (See http://sources.nli.ie for other manuscripts)
  • Visual collections including prints & drawings, ephemera, and photographs
  • 34,000 digitised glass plate images from our early photographic collections (Lawrence,
    Independent H, Eason, Poole, Keogh, Clarke, Stereo Pairs and Tempest)
Still to come?
We are currently converting a variety of printed indexes and lists, and working to make it
possible for you to search other collection databases through this interface. These include
Sources (listing manuscripts and a range of periodicals up to 1970) and our Newspaper
(listing all of our hardcopy and microfilmed newspapers).

For information on additional collection lists, please consult the Catalogues and
section of the collection area you are interested in on our website, or talk to a
member of staff at the reference desk in the reading rooms.